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Items valued at $1,000 AUD or less, will not be subject to import duty. However, Australian Government has passed laws which extend the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% to low value imports of physical goods. Since 1 July 2018, Lintas is required to collect GST from customers and pay it to the Australian Tax Office.

These are prohibited commodities to be sent to Australia:

  • live animals, fish, birds
  • banderols/tax stickers
  • bullion (of any precious metal)
  • counter fitted Items
  • liquid or powder
  • any kind of disc or cassettes
  • cash-like negotiable instruments in bearer form (except event tickets)
  • complete firearms, ammunition, explosives, and weapons
  • firearms parts (including but not limited to), parts of imitation or replica firearms, parts of paintball guns, parts of air guns, parts of BB guns, parts of toy guns, and parts of water pistols
  • firearm accessories (including but not limited to), ammunition of any types, including replica ammunition, scopes, monopods, bipods, flashlights, and bayonets
  • plants or woods (fumigation fee related)
  • human remains or ashes
  • illegal goods and substances
  • dangerous goods (including battery, chemical, aerosol related goods , perfume, nail polish remover, magnetized items)
  • imitation (replica) firearms, weapons, explosive devices or ammunition