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Partnering with an international freight forwarding service with 20 years experience under its belt, Lintas is able to provide a one-stop service in delivering e-Parcel and custom clearance to you or your customer. In a nutshell:  you do the drop-the-package at our collection depot, paperworks and make payment. Lintas will take care of the shipment and clearance procedure. Your receiver only needs to collect the package at our destination depot.  It is easy and hassle-free.

By dropping or picking up your package at one of our collection depots, you will save cost, time, and efforts. Senders are expected to provide all required documentations and verify all the administrative procedures. For example: by claiming a Free Import Duty Tax, you need to provide a valid invoice with the purchase amount that is under the threshold.

The average delivery time for standard packages is 10-15 working days, after goods are processed in the depot and full payment has been received. Lintas cannot guarantee the exact delivery time. If unforeseen circumstances effect the delivery time, we definitely will notify the sender.

Freight cost is based on the volume KG (or actual KG weight, whichever heavier) times Lintas’s per KG fee.

Lintas has two delivery options to choose: “click & collect “ and “depot to door “.

“Click & collect” is when once the package is cleared through custom process, it can be picked up at designated Lintas collection depot. The receiver has 2 (two) weeks time to collect the package. Beyond the length of time, the receiver will be charged AU$5 weekly for storage fee. The payment needs to be settled before releasing. The package can only be collected by the addressed name, verified with a valid identification and shipment ID number.

“Depo to door” is direct delivery. This hassle-free service will be carried-out by a third party local courier with additional charge.

Lintas does not take any form of responsibility on the content of the packages. Sender will be 100% liable to any violation of rules & regulation, either it is legal or financial costs.

How Lintas Work: