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Kami di sini untuk menjawab setiap pertanyaan yang Anda miliki tentang Lintas. Hubungi kami dan kami akan merespon secepatnya


  • What information should I bring?
    • Shipping letter of instructions -Customer Forms
    • Special items- Clearance Forms (If needed)
    • Photo ID & Proof of purchase
    • Receiver's  Tax File number (if needed)
  • What should I do before considering to send goods or receiving goods, from overseas?
    Lintas only provides information in general nature. Before sending or receiving, customer has the responsibilities to verify various custom rules that frequently change, and might cause delay and additional charges.
  • What to do if you received a call and is asked for additional duty or clearance fee?
    Contact Lintas customer service immediately to verify these updates. We will make sure that such request is genuine. Outcome will be updated through e-mail and if any, the payment procedure will be notified. Once the payment is settled, take a picture of proof of payment and send it to us.
  • Is my shipment insured?
    Unfortunately, Lintas doesn’t arrange insurance on behalf of client. Client should need to arrange it accordingly.
  • What happened if my package is lost or damaged?

    All care will be taken by us and our partners to ensure the package reaches its destination in a good condition. We do accept a limited liability if the package is lost only in our collection depot. We are not responsible if package is lost or damaged in transit to/at/from our logistic partners.

    Be noted that Lintas limited liabilities to any incidents are the cost of our shipment fee and goods purchased cost (max. of AU$100 per customer).

  • What to do if I have special requests?
    Please do contact and discuss with us, if within our way no additional charges will be added. If more attentions needed, we can dedicate staff’s hours to your requests and the additional fee for this service will be AU$25/hour.
  • Will my packages be shipped and cleared internationally by Lintas?
    No, lintas only act as a service retailer/agent for UNIAIR Cargo Sydney as our partner in international freight forwarding company.
  • Will you check the arrived goods before shipment?
    Only when the customer gets the add-on service of concierge service ++. We will conduct a brief physical check if the goods ordered and invoiced the same. The warranty of the goods is between the buyer and the seller.
  • What happens when your package is confiscated/seized by custom?

    Lintas does not take responsibility with package that is confiscated/seized by custom in designated country. Each country has rights to confiscate and seize package which is considered violates the regulation or needs additional charge and form to fill. Custom office shall contact the receiver. If receiver is unresponsive in six (6) days time, package will be returned to origin country whereas the sender must be responsible for return fee.