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E-commerce with value of US$75 and under per day is NO SUBJECT to import duty. Maximum value allowed for e-parcel is USD$1500. However, there is a restriction on types and quantities on incoming items.

Approved items with limited quantity are telecommunication tools, optical discs, beverages containing ethyl alcohol, textiles and its by-products, electronic, toys, footwear, cellular phone/tablets/laptop, cosmetics, personal documents, stationary, books, bags, and souvenirs.

Approved items with special forms are: traditional medicines, processed food, and food supplements. 

Item valued over US$75 is charged 7.5% of import duty. This duty is applied on fixed rates on all incoming goods. Beside import duty, the receiver is also charged for Valued Added Tax (VAT) of 10% and Income Tax of 10% for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). For a non-holder, duty is 20%.  Example as follows:

  • Import value: Rp2.000.000,-
  • Import duty : 7,5% x Rp2.000.000,- = Rp150.000,-
  • VAT : 10% x (Rp2.000.000,- + Rp150.000,-) = Rp215.000,-
  • Income Tax: 10% (Rp2.000.000,- + Rp150.000,-) = Rp215.000,- (with TIN)

: 20% (Rp2.000.000,- + Rp150.000,-) = Rp430.000,- (without TIN)

  • Total payable import duty

With TIN              : Rp150.000,- + Rp215.000,- + Rp215.000,- = Rp580.000,-

Without TIN       : Rp150.000,- + Rp215.000,- + Rp430.000,- = Rp795.000,-


What if you are sending 3 parcels in one day with various package values (e.g., package A value is US$20, package B is US$50, and package C is US$30)? This is the illustration: packages A and B are import duty free, since their total values are still under US$75. However, package C will be subject to various import duty. You can also estimate the duties by downloading CEISA MOBILE apps owned by Bea Cukai Office.


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