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About Lintas


Knowing Lintas’ Uniqueness

As digital citizen, each country, each business, each individual has something distinctive service or product to provide. However, the distance and place are not something digital. People need to be there to get it. Therefore, a reliable and affordable “bridge” becomes a necessity. It is reliable for the whole process submits to legal freight procedure. It is also affordable because clients can choose their own budget of freight fee, as low as possible.

How May Lintas Help You?

Lintas offers you the first-time-ever unique solution to support economy development, especially in e-commerce. An international freight courier company, Lintas focuses on delivery service between Indonesia and Australia, vice versa.

Partnered with most trusted third party, Lintas delivers product, in a wide range of variety and size. Essentially, Lintas highlights its service on retail product using e-commerce delivery system to end customer.   

Who Needs Lintas?

People who need e-commerce and e-parcel delivery service will need Lintas. Lintas offers most impeccable service for you by partnering with most trusted third parties in the business. The partnership is aligned with Lintas’ vision: providing a zero-hassle and low-cost bilateral delivery service.

To whomever the product addressed, Lintas will make it come true by providing it (both finding or delivering it) from/to Australia or Indonesia, anything from that corner store back home, or e-store webs who do their best at the local market and now ready to reach different market.  Lintas has the one-of-a-kind service that avoids you from high-risk shopping entrusted goods service.